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Aluminium Scaffolds Supplier in Qatar & Bahrain

We are leading manufacturer of Aluminium Scaffolding Towers and suppliers in Doha, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. Our towers are manufactured from high grade aluminum. It comes as an easily assembled set of modular parts that can be put together to suit the need of customer. We’ve option to chose between narrow width or wide width .The height of the scaffolding can be customized from 2m to 20m.The image below will demonstrate this better:

So instead of having to calculate what parts you require you will simple buy an Affix Tower that puts a platform at the height that you require it at.

We always recommend you to purchase a mobile scaffold tower of an elevation you required on it rather than wasting your time in choosing right parts to create a structure of certain height.

We are here to resolve the issue related to the height of the scaffold tower. If you have the budget, it would be prudent for you to buy a scaffolding tower of substantial height that can elevate as much as you can. Any scaffold tower short of a meter in height can make you frustrated and put at risk of over stretching and balancing carelessly that could result in a serious injury. Buying aluminium scaffold towers from us can give you an opportunity to build a safe and secure structure at an elevation you wanted.

If you are unwilling to invest your hard earn cash on buying a mobile scaffolding tower, then we can give you an option to use it on rent.

Advantages of Using Mobile Scaffold / Ladder ?

Apart from the safety, there are other significant advantages associated with aluminium scaffolds that are discussed below:


No doubt, the mobile scaffolding or  aluminium scaffold tower is a safe and secure platform to carry out any task at height without involving in stretching and balancing precariously to reduce it to complete the task. The guard rails and toe boards on it will give you protection from accidentally leaning or stepping over them.


The structure you would build with an aluminium scaffolding give you enough space on the top of the platform to store your essential items which are indispensable to carry out your assignment beside you. This makes you to stay away from keep getting up and down all the time and as a result you can get respite from being tired.


It is quite simple to build a safe and secure structure of platform with a scaffold tower. It hardly takes a few minutes to construct an elevated tower that can suit your needs and requirements as most designs of towers are almost fool proof. All you need is to put them together correctly or take the help of professionals to fix them properly.

Reaching Height:

With us, you can enhance the elevation of the mobile scaffolding tower to a height of 20m which would be adequate to reach any heights safely.


Since aluminium has its ability to resist corrosion, you are rest assured to get the service of the aluminium scaffold tower for a long period.

It is imperative that you use Affix Scaffold Tower safely and within the guidelines set out in our instructions. Using tower outdoor carries far more risks than it does using it indoors so you’ll need to be extra careful. When working indoors you’re in a controlled environment but take your tower outdoors and you have to take in to account the Safety elements.

Safety Tips while using Scaffolding Towers :

1. Insure that Tower is set up on safe firm ground; Our Tower has adjustable legs that can make you get away with working on uneven ground.

2. Customers opt for an Affix aluminum tower over a steel tower because of its lightness, but in certain situations working outside with a lighter tower can prove to be detrimental. Wind is a major factor that needs to be taken in to account when working up a scaffold tower outside. You need to be aware that there are certain positions where wind can be more of an issue; one of the worst places to use a scaffold tower can be between two buildings – the gap between them actually suck wind in and so the actual strength of the wind is magnified.

3. You can use you Affix Aluminum Scaffold Tower outside in the rain, it will not cause it any harm. But do be conscious of the fact that it will become slippery so you’ll need to be careful ascending a descending your tower.

When you should avoid using an Aluminium Scaffolds :

Aluminium Scaffold Towers are a safe tool that can give you access to elevated locations in a convenient manner. These towers are mostly are used outside and as a result Affix Scaffolding time and again reminds you of certain risks associated with them when used outside – the prominent being the wind. To alleviate the risks to you safety, you are recommended to elevate the structure of the tower to a permissible level otherwise you may face the penalty.

There is a term referred to as the Beaufort scale and it is actually a mechanism that empirically measures the speed of wind. Many scaffolds manufacturers quote Beaufort Scale in there instruction manuals trying to give you guidance when is safe to use your tower. Although its importance in the real world is equivalent to nothing, but you need to get aware of when to descend from the tower.

Make the Beaufort scale quoted on your aluminium scaffold tower in to a reliable measuring tool that can make you aware about various levels of the speed of wind and when to wind up working over the tower.

Beaufort Scale 1 – 3 Wind Speed 1 – 12 mph

This is a condition when the light wind blows and you can notice slight movement of leaves on trees. This ensures that you needn’t not to worry and continue working over the platform of the mobile scaffolding tower.

Beaufort scale 4 Wind speed 13 – 18 mph

This level of speed blows paper, dust and dried leaves fallen on the ground, but still it is an ideal condition to keep on working over the aluminium scaffolding.

Beaufort scale 5 Wind speed 19 – 24 mph

At this level, wind gradually tends to blow heavily and you will small trees with leaves will begin to sway. You are recommended to get down from the tower to ensure safety.

Beaufort scale 6 Wind Speed 25 – 31 mph

At scale 6, wind becomes turbulent and large branches begin to maneuver swiftly. This is the condition when you should not only cease working over the tower and descent from it, you should also remove its structure at once.

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