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Our story originated in the year 2005 with an idea of launching a business for UAE market when the construction boom in the country was at its peak. Obsessed with the construction industry and wanting to deliver a unique product in the market, Idea of scaffolding business shaped up. Our company grew in size as Dubai grew in elevation. It has been an epic ride since then and today we have managed to spread our wings to neighboring countries like Qatar where we want to be part of their success story as well.

At Affix, our global team comes to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems in scaffolding & ladder industry. Our business is built on strong values of Safety, Innovation, Quality, Integrity and Customer experience. Today, because of our uncompromising value system, we are indeed recognized as a leading provider of innovative access equipment, designed & manufactured to the highest quality & safety standards.

Our product range includes:

  • Cuplock system scaffolding.
  • Aluminium mobile scaffolding towers.
  • Stepladders
  • Extension Ladders
  • Work Platforms

Quality Management

Affix has a total commitment to a Quality management system which forms the framework of all company activities and processes.


Affix is founded by M S Ahsan in 2005 in UAE (Dubai) & then his team moved to setup their first branch in Qatar in 2012.


Affix’s commitment to sustainability includes a complete focus on environmental, social and economic impacts of our business practices. As a business our commitment to sustainability is more than good public relations. It is necessary to the future growth and success of our company.

We know that our customers desire quality products that are safe and manufactured in a responsible way. Our raw materials conversion and production processes are designed to reduce scrap and other negative effects from our daily business operations.

Affix’s sustainable practices include: 

  • Reducing waste by recycling metal and other materials used in our manufacturing processes.
  • Conserving energy by maximizing the use of daylight in our warehousing facilities.
  • Incorporating environmental, health and safety considerations into our business decision-making processes.