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Aircraft Maintenance Docks

Aircraft Maintenance and Docking System in Qatar

An airplane is a highly organized vehicle comprising various hardware such as motor, apparatus, external and interior body, air cooling frameworks, wiring inner cupboards, and seats along with their covers. After completing a flight, each airplane is shipped off to the harbor yard for cleaning and checking of the entire hardware. This is done to prevent any air inconveniences or disasters.

For the upkeep and maintenance of airplanes, a docking system is required. An aircraft docking or maintenance system is designed to facilitate aircraft maintenance operations. Affix Scaffolding is a leading manufacturer that designs aircraft docking system that efficiently works with today’s aircraft and hangars. We, at Affix Scaffolding, design and configure docking systems exactly as per our customer requirements.  

Aircraft Docking System Facilitates Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

The docking system comprises ergonomic work platforms and several modules and is widely used for the assembly, repairing, maintenance, overhauling, painting, and cleaning of aircraft. Aircraft docking systems facilitate in creating the specific solutions that allow everyone to fly in the friendly skies.

It provides safe and secure access to relevant areas of the aircraft and gives a stable stand and enough space for maintenance personnel to proceed with their maintenance, repair, and overhauling tasks. The docking system proves especially helpful and effective in reaching higher areas of the aircraft that are hard to reach and difficult to access.  

The benefit of the Aircraft Maintenance/Docking System

Our aircraft docking system allows the aviation industry to perform heavy maintenance, conclude a conversion, and paint aircraft by providing maintenance personnel with the possible safest working conditions.

The docking system is designed to keep aircraft and maintenance personnel safety at the forefront, as they make sure that planes fly safely in the air generating income for the airlines’ companies. Some of the major benefits of the docking system include:  

  • Provide necessary space to perform testing of the aircraft components. This will eventually lead to a decrease in downtime while carrying out maintenance or assembly work on the aircraft.
  • Engineers and maintenance staff will have the best and maximum access to the aircraft to safely facilitate the maintenance tasks.
  • This system can be used to serve different types of aircraft and even hangar or apron environments can be easily handled with the docking system.
  • Our docking system is designed to facilitate aircraft maintenance operations with the help of ergonomic work platforms to required areas of the aircraft allowing completion of works efficiently and quickly.
  • The docking system provides a stable platform to maintenance personnel and is fully braced to increase worker confidence and reduce work interruptions.
  • Our aircraft docking system is easy to maneuver to a staging area and is required for an efficient docking process.

Types of Aircraft Maintenance System

Affix Scaffolding offers the ideal aircraft docking system for all types of aircraft so that maintenance personnel carry out safe and efficient inspections and maintenance jobs. Right from stands and platform designed to complete docking system to cater the maintenance needs of several narrow and wide-body aircraft.

  • Fuselage Dock: This highly strong, lightweight, and long service life fuselage docks are mainly used for painting, cleaning, assembly, inspection, and maintenance of the aircraft fuselage. It provides safe access to the operators to operate on aircraft, as well as complies with ergonomics and aesthetics. It comprises the main platform covering the work area to meet the inspection and painting needs.
  • Nose Dock: Nose dock aircraft maintenance platforms are made of aluminum alloy and are highly strong lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and have a long service life. The nose docks are used for the assembling, painting, and overhauling of the aircraft’s nose. The working area of this dock covers the windshield, top of the nose, and front passenger door and is ideally used for both heavy and light maintenance work.
  • Steel Access Platforms: These are mobile access platforms fabricated out of mild steel to provide a heavy-duty access solution for various hangar maintenance jobs such as inspection, inner-cowl engine access, sanding, painting, cargo door operation, and cleaning, or carrying out small maintenance jobs.
  • Tail Dock: This dock system comprises of vertical fin platform, a horizontal tail platform, as well an APU platform to cater to various maintenance jobs like inspection, spray painting of rear passenger door, vertical fin, horizontal tail, and APU.
  • Wing Dock: The wing dock comprises the outboard platform, inner platform, wingtip platform, inner engine platform, and landing gear platform. This dock is used for aircraft inspection and spray painting of the aircraft requirements of wings, along with overhauling and maintenance of the aircraft fuselage. The platform of this dock is made of aluminum alloy and is strong, lightweight has good corrosion resistance, and long service life.  

Why buy Aircraft Maintenance System from Affixscaffolding.com?

The maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) field not only requires highly efficient engineers but also the right sort of equipment to give engineers safe and secure access to the aircraft they are servicing. To safely and efficiently perform the servicing task the engineers must have access to the aircraft.

This is where Affix Scaffolding’s aircraft docking systems prove detrimental in providing access to engineers for executing the servicing tasks.

  • Our aircraft docking systems are manufactured as per the industry standards using state-of-the-art technology ensuring that these aircraft docks meet the highest requirements.
  • All the components used in the docks are robust and lightweight and facilitate faster docking and de-docking.
  • Our aircraft docks are made with high-quality materials to offer speed, versatility, strength, as well as mobility and are perfectly designed to meet the client’s specific needs.
  • Our experienced docking designers are proficient in customizing access platform designs with the help of 2D and 3D drawing software.
  • Our aircraft docking system ensures maintenance, repair, and overhauling operatives have quick and easy access to the aircraft, thereby reducing the aircraft’s downtime.
  • We also provide qualified aircraft docking technicians who can safely and quickly assemble and dismantle the docking system, making clients tension free from any access worries.
  • Our aircraft docking system helps to facilitate aircraft overhaul and maintenance works, thereby reducing the time for which the aircraft is on the ground.
  • Our aircraft docking system is backed up with after-sales support and training if required.

Affix Scaffolding in recent times has become a reckoned name in the MRO field that provides reliable and trusted aircraft docking solutions to airline and logistics companies in the country as well as in the world. The company holds great proficiency in manufacturing the docking system as per clients’ specific facility and air frame requirements.

Our aircraft docking systems are built with high-grade aluminum or structural steel materials and are equipped with heavy-duty casters, and resistant paint, and feature a multitude of choices to cater to diverse maintenance requirements.