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Not to be used near Electricity

Base Plate

Model No. FCF07

  • Scaffold Base Plate is a foot plate for scaffold systems used with Cuplock Scaffolding, Ring-lock Scaffolding,
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding, Frame Scaffolding and Tube & Clamp Scaffolding.
  • Spigot Base Plate is used to be inserted into the bottom end of the Standard
  • There are two types of Base Plate: Spigot Base Plate and Socket Base Plate.
  • Socket Base Plate has a socket where-in the bottom end of the Standard gets inserted
  • It also provides a base for the universal jack & also connects the universal jack to drophead.
  • Base Plate is also used as support for Cuplock structure in case no height adjustment needed.
  • Our Base Plate complies to EN 74 Standard.
  • Base Plate is made of MS plate 150mm x 150mm x 5mm thk, and the spigot is of OD 38mm/3mm thk.