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Mobile Scaffolding

Mobile Scaffolding Platform for Sale

Mobile scaffolding is a versatile scaffolding solution for the workers working at a height in construction sites or engaged in various types of repair and maintenance jobs. These scaffolds are easy to maneuver and maintain. Mobile or movable scaffolds are generally manufactured with the best quality aluminum that makes them lightweight and sustainable. Construction project managers, developers, engineers, and workers prefer these scaffolds for various reasons.

What is Mobile Scaffolding?

A scaffold is a non-permanent work platform or podium that the construction workers or technicians often use to perform their jobs comfortably and safely. Mobile scaffolding is a type of scaffold that doesn’t need to uninstall but can be moved from one place to another for performing various jobs on a construction site. After the completion of a project, a mobile tower or scaffold can be uninstalled and kept in a small space. Besides workers in the construction sites, mobile scaffoldings are used frequently by electricians, interior decoration workers, air condition installers, painters, and many other types of workers who need to work at heights inaccessible from the ground.

Keeping in mind the different needs these movable scaffolds meet, AFFIX manufacturers various types of scaffolds for developers and technicians.

The benefit of Using Mobile Scaffolding in Qatar

Mobile scaffolding serves multiple purposes. You can find different designs of mobile platform scaffolds (we will discuss these scaffolds later). From baker scaffolding and cantilever mobile tower to mobile podium and stairway mobile tower, each type of scaffold has its benefits. Therefore, they are used for different purposes. Here are some benefits of using mobile scaffolding:


This is the most obvious benefit of mobile or movable scaffolding. Mostly used in construction sites where the workers need to change their positions constantly, these scaffolding structures are perfect for the jobs like plastering, paintings, installation of home décor items, carpentry, plumbing, and electric fittings. At the end of the day or when the job is over, workers can easily dismantle it and shift it to somewhere else.

Lightweight and highly productive

Mobile scaffolding is manufactured with aluminum which makes it lightweight and sturdy. These types of scaffolds are easy to use and pack up. Construction workers or other technicians who need to move from one construction site to another find it easy to carry. Moreover, a scaffold mobile tower enables the workers to carry out a job conveniently making it highly productive.

Spacious work platform

AFFIX designs all types of mobile scaffoldings keeping in mind various equipment and materials that the construction workers need to carry with them. As such, a scaffold mobile tower contains plenty of space to move. Workers when work at a height doesn’t get the opportunity to look here and there always but they know they are safe to move in a scaffold.

Safe and Appropriate

The safety of a worker is the most important matter in construction sites especially when they are working at a height with multiple tools and materials. A mobile platform scaffold comes with well-designed guards from every side. Moreover, workers can climb up and down safely. Workers can perform their job safely and appropriately unhindered.

Cost-effective scaffolding solution

Generally made of aluminum, mobile scaffolds don’t get rust. If any part is damaged for any reason, that can be repaired quickly. Moreover, these scaffolds are easy to transport from one construction site to another. Mobile scaffolding tower is a cost-effective scaffolding solution.

Types of Mobile Scaffolding Platform, We provide in Qatar

Baker Scaffolding

Baker scaffolding is also known as Perry style scaffolding or narrow frame scaffolding is a versatile mobile scaffold with a large platform to carry all tools and materials. These scaffolds are mostly used in internal construction or technical jobs.

Bridgeway Mobile Tower

Bridgeway mobile tower is actually a combination of two same types of scaffolds. The scaffolds are connected with the help of a bridge platform that provides big working platform space and a long clear span below. These mobile towers are perfect for heavy-duty jobs.

Cantilever Mobile Tower

mobile scaffold tower with Cantilever makes it easier to work where there are one or more obstructions underneath. Cantilever provides a safe platform that a worker can use to work seamlessly for hours. AFFIX designs cantilever mobile towers with 1.4 meter cantilever length and 250 KGs SWL of the platform.

Double Width Mobile Tower

This is the safest and most versatile mobile tower in this range. It is ideal for working in any kind of construction work. Doubled width mobile tower is designed with ladder and guardrail frames.

FRP Double Width

This frp double width mobile tower is frequently used by electricians and other technicians like AC technicians who need to work with electric wires. It is a shockproof mobile scaffold tower. It completely nullifies electrocution.

Mobile Podium

This is ideal for low-height areas. Mobile podium is lightweight and easy to maneuver through low-height areas like corridors and doorways. The platform dimension is 0.70 meter x 0.70 meter and the platform height is 2 meters.

Single Width Mobile Tower

The narrow shape (0.9 meter width) of a single-width mobile tower makes it easier for the construction workers to place the scaffold in a narrow place or where a height is to be reached but ground space is insufficient. No extra ladder is required with this mobile scaffold.

Solo Mobile Tower

This solo mobile tower width is just 0.75 meter. It is perfect for a single person working on projects or where helping hands are not available. It is versatile, compact, and equipped with all safety features.

Stair Tower

Several types of works on ceilings and walls fall in the staircase areas. A stair tower is perfect to place the mobile scaffolding on the staircases. AFFIX designs stair towers as per single-width tower standards. It is absolutely safe to place on stairs and work for hours.

Stairway Mobile Tower

This stairway mobile scaffold tower is equipped with perfectly inclined spacious staircases to climb up and down quickly. In some jobs, workers need to move up and down quickly and frequently. Keeping their needs in mind, these kinds of towers are built.

AFFIX has paid maximum attention to the quality of every mobile scaffold tower for sale. Mobile scaffolds are durable and light that is easy to install and maintain. All the above-mentioned products are manufactured with the latest antiskid technology for better grip and safety.

Safety measure with Mobile Scaffolding


In general, a mobile scaffolding toweris designed with all safety measures in focus. AFFIX is a pioneering mobile tower manufacturer offering all kinds of mobile scaffolds to construction companies, developers, and other service providers who need to work at a height. However, it is feasible to take some safety measures while working with mobile scaffolding:

  • Check all diagonal and horizontal braces and ensure they are perfectly placed and screwed. It nullifies the sudden racking of the scaffolds. Take this matter seriously and do check the scaffold before a job.
  • The braces are normally pinned at every 6 meters distance. You should check that the braces are pinned sufficiently.
  • Check the casters regularly and ensure that the casters are mobile enough. Check the swivel locks of the casters too. Use recommended mobile or grease to keep them smooth and working.
  • While moving the scaffold from one place to another, don’t force too hard on rough surfaces and don’t apply force 1.5-2 meters above the worktop.
  • The ideal height of the mobile tower should be four times the base width. If the workers need some more space they can add outriggers for more support.
  • It is not right to work with a scaffold when someone is transporting it from one spot to another. It should be stationary when a worker is using it.

Why choose affixscaffolding.com for Mobile Scaffolding in Qatar?

Mobile scaffolding is a versatile option for construction and technical workers. It offers multiple benefits over fixed scaffolding. AFFIX is a renowned name in this discipline. Top developers of  the Gulf region choose AFFIX to find the quality mobile scaffold for sale.

  • AFFIX is a leading brand in the field of scaffolding design, manufacturing, and solutions in the Gulf region.
  • AFFIX believes in uncompromised scaffolding solutions where quality and purpose remain the top priority.
  • AFFIX has set a milestone in the fields of work-at-height solutions and other related fields with their high-grade mobile scaffolding products and other related products.
  • AFFIX has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with the most advanced robotic technology in Qatar.
  • AFFIX has also established their R&D team where highly experienced engineers are continuously on new ideas.
  • AFFIX pays maximum attention to customer support to provide the best possible service to clients belonging to diverse industries.

AFFIX is a customer-centric scaffold solution provider:

  • With the state-of-the-art quality control procedure, AFFIX has set a standard in manufacturing the safest and most sustainable mobile scaffolding
  • Engineers associated with AFFIX ensure custom solutions for the clients looking for specific solutions.
  • With the updated and digitally connected channels and distribution systems, AFFIX has ensured the timely delivery of products.