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Not to be used near Electricity

Aluminium Lattice beam

Model No. FCA07

  • We manufacture 2 types of 450mm Aluminium Lattice Beams. One is made of a 6082 grade Alloy and the other is 6062 grade Alloy for lattice Beams (girders).
  • Lattice beams have parallel longitudinal tubes united by diagonal tubes which give a lattice effect.
  • Lattice beams are highly versatile multipurpose scaffolding beams.
  • All lattice beams are designed with top and bottom chords, and vertical filler bars with an external diameter of 48.3mm, making them suitable for connecting most standard scaffolding couplers.
  • The Lattice beam is a lower weight alternative with comparable capacity, and often the preferred solution for ease of handling

Lattice beam lengths ranging from 2 – 8m
Lattice beam Height ranging from 450mm and 750mm
Permissible Moment 20.2kNm
Permissible Shear 11.6kNm