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Scaffolding is a temporary structure constructed encompassing the primary work to help it amid the development stage. Scaffolds are made out of steel, iron or aluminum relying upon the requirement. As the structure is utilized while building a foundation, it is fundamental that it is furnished with a solid base to help laborers and keep building materials on the platform. There are different types of scaffolding structures used for various construction purpose –

Single – These scaffolding structures are normally built while working at a brick foundation. Steel channels are utilized and are supported with put-logs and pivots.

Twofold – This is utilized when the foundation to be assembled is of stone. As it is difficult to dig an opening in the wall for the put-logs, twofold layer of steel supports is worked out as a supporting structure.

Cantilever – These scaffolding structures are utilized when there is no positive way to erect scaffolding in the ground. These are perfect for houses when it has to be erected right in the city and there are no side roads. On taking a glance at the structure, it will feel like a suspended structure yet, it is joined to the main frame.

Suspended – When a building needs restoring like part repairs, painting, renovation outside windows and so forth, a firm stage is suspended from the rooftop with the assistance of ropes and steel chains. It is without any solid support thus can be effectively brought down or pulled up to the desired height. To stop any mishaps, experts of commercial scaffolding fasten themselves with the metal frame and continue doing their work.