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Platform Step Ladders, commonly known as Platform Ladders are considered step ladders that are used as a safe work platform. These ladders add the flexibility to change the height and make a person mobile to perform different ranges of operations. Step ladder safety is unquestionable since is used pretty effectively in a factory setting and fulfills a number of operations promising great ease and flexibility. Some of the key advantages of using a step ladder at a worksite include:

  • Once the step ladder is opened up, its platform gets locked in place. This, therefore, offers a broader position and is heavier which offers additional balance when upright.
  • The next benefit of using this ladder is that offers an additional secure footing for the employee.
  • Another significant advantage of using a step ladder is that its design offers long-standing at one specific height which is also quite comfortable to set your feet on. These ladders are therefore way better than regular step ladders, which makes it uncomfortable for the workers to place and extend their feet for long hours with ease.
  • As their design is done considering the different levels of operations to be able to help the employees lean on them. This facilitates them to lean against walls when the ladder is opened up.

What is the Importance of Ladder Safety?

There is no question about the fact that a ladder must ensure safety while performing tasks at a specific height, especially for those who work in a wide variety of industrial settings. Since there can be fatal injuries that can lead people to emergency departments, it is important to ensure ladder safety by assessing its strength on the following factors:

  • Selecting the right ladder: First and the foremost thing to consider while selecting a ladder is its sturdiness since that can save a lot of risks and ensure that the task at hand is done on time. Stepladder which has a sturdy build can help in fulfilling various activities standing as a guard against serious injuries. If the task involves a lot of leaning, then it is best to test the leaning stepladder while standing in a closed position. For this always test the three main elements in a step ladder safety which should be compliant with OSHA 1926.1053(b)(4) standards.
    • Back Legs: A ladder must have its back legs locked in a closed position which is a pre-requisite of OSHA standards. Also, if you are using this ladder always elevate the back feet from the ground level to be certain that the ladder does not shift when in use.
    • Top Cap: It is only wise to add a top cap on the pad to have additional support in the ladder if the user has to lean.
    • Feet: Also, a ladder must have its feet amended to get into a curve or swivel foot, to provide more surface contact.

To handle site work with assured safety, it is important to train personnel on OSHA regulations. They should be aware of the ladder’s maximum intended load which is tagged on a sticker attached to the ladder. Each ladder must always be used as per the created intent to avoid mishaps and injuries.