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Working on mobile scaffolding at heights are always risky. Any fall from high working altitudes usually result in serious injuries or sometimes even in deaths, therefore adherence to safety standards is a must, irrespective of the type of scaffolding towers that one is using. However, falls from mobile scaffolding towers can be avoided if a few important safety tips are followed. The foremost thing to do is to give someone a competent authority to take care of the mobile scaffolding tower on the site.

The supervisor of the mobile scaffolding tower can oversee all the scaffolding functions like its erection, accessories and maintenance over time. The chosen person must be trained in order to always be ready to deal with any scaffolding issue. Most mobile scaffolding towers come with an instruction manual. It is important to read the instruction manual properly during scaffolding setup. If there’s any doubt or issue, one should immediately contact the manufacturer or the supplier. It is also important to see that no one should work on scaffolding towers during stormy weather.

Most of the accidents involving fall from heights usually happen during windy weather conditions. The supervisor must ensure that no worker should be around during severe weather conditions. While climbing on to a scaffolding, it should be checked whether they are leaning to one side or wobbly. It should be made mandatory for all to do this check before they use any of the scaffolds. This will ensure a drastic reduction in the number of workplace accidents. One last thing which is also important that do not move mobile scaffolding tower while someone is working on the top. Keep these little things in mind to avoid any accidents involving scaffolding.