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Scaffold tower is a temporary structure that is erected at a construction site in order to provide safe workplace to labors. For many decades now, construction companies continue to find support from many different types of scaffold towers. The scaffold towers are preferred by any construction business as they are stable and convenient to use.

The scaffold tower is divided in three major categories i.e. suspended, supported and aerial. Based on their appearance, look and design each kind has different purpose. The scaffold tower operates with the help of pulleys, levers and switches. Some of scaffold towers are also embedded with wheels and rollers that allow flexibility for workers. These can just glide themselves from one place to another while working on.

The suspended scaffold tower is suspended by rope from the roof of a building. It operates with the help of pulleys, lever etc. It allows labors to maneuver the total height of the building for easy access to the surface. The supported scaffold tower is just opposite to the suspended scaffold tower. It is firmly erected on the ground and is built upon when extra height is needed.

Ladders are usually used by labors to climb up to the middle length, where a platform is found. This scaffold tower can be completely mobile and effective reaching the vertical surface of the building with the help of wheels. The aerial scaffold towers are mounted devices that have the capability to be lifted to other elevations and locations.

Based upon the nature of work, one can use any of these scaffold towers. These scaffold towers can also be rented through online scaffold dealers at affordable rates. The scaffold towers are indeed the safest working structures that is available for working at heights.